my server is ‘down’

So my server is down, I tried to install software to make raid management easier but it broke to may things for me to get it back tonight. I’m going to start on the fix tomorrow. But right now it’s down.

Plex should be a fast install but everything else will be slower. I have back ups of everything but that means moving a lot of data from place to place.

3 thoughts on “my server is ‘down’”

  1. It’s taking a bit logger to recover the Plex data that I first thought. It’s only 220+gb but it’s over 1,000,000 small files so it’s going slow it may not be back till tomorrow morning at the earliest.

  2. Ok do most of may data has been or is being recovered. Plex is still down, I’m not 100% sure on the return but I think Friday. It’s taking so long because there is a lot of data to move/repair and this happened right after I added a new Hard Drive to my raid so the raid is migrating and that is a big load on the system/drive already. So the wright speed is way down.

  3. It’s done!!! it was more work than I ever thought it would be but it’s done. All data is back! Well I lost users on my music server but it was not worth the time to fix it as no one really uses it.

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