What is going on with my server.

It’s a long story but here goes. One of my new drives started failing. When I got the drive replaced I also got a new drive. I installed both drives but only activated the ‘replacement’ drive but had the ‘new’ drive installed in the case. During the first rebuild a 2nd drive on check was listed as degraded(Because of the settings mistake). The array took the new installed drive and added it to the array. Now I had 2 drive failure basically. Since I just moved to the new raid I did not have a back up, I tried to repair the disks but I think I made it worse, I’m still working on recovering data but at this time it looks like I lost A LOT of data.

Right now if I was asked what my plan was, I would say I give up, I would just sell my new server(that I loved until friday). Go back to my old server and just get stuff I want.. But that is just right now, that may change as I have already been working on back up plans if all data is lost.

I will post here as I know more. But there is no ETA at this time.

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  1. So the data recovery is in full effect. I had to buy a software program to get it working. But it’s working I’m not sure what I’m going to do after the first pass. There is a massive folder of ‘lost’ files that do not really have a name. So I will have to work on something to rename them.

    But as the file names scroll by, all I can think is damn so much of this I have never and will never watch…. You guys have bad taste!

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