update weekend

This weekending check list for server server updates:

  • Build a fan mount for my server(ran out of time)
  • Mount 2 small internal fans on raid card & expander card(my plan failed)
  • Mount server is server rails(they broke)
  • Relocate network switch in rack
  • Rewire Network(working on it)

This will mean during the day this weekend(04/11/2020-04/12/2020) There will be server outages. Saturday will be the longest as I have to.

  • Mark and remove all drives
  • Correctly rout and secure all wiring
  • Re-order parts of my rack.
  • Remount server
  • Re-install drives
    • Drives
  • Get back online

Sunday the outages will be smaller but may happen as I’m rewiring my full home network and if I do not like were a wire to the server routed I will just re run it. But these outages should be small.

I will be posting here when know large outages are coming so you know before hand.