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What is going on with my server.

It’s a long story but here goes. One of my new drives started failing. When I got the drive replaced I also got a new drive. I installed both drives but only activated the ‘replacement’ drive but had the ‘new’ drive installed in the case. During the first rebuild a 2nd drive on check was listed as degraded(Because of the settings mistake). The array took the new installed drive and added it to the array. Now I had 2 drive failure basically. Since I just moved to the new raid I did not have a back up, I tried to repair the disks but I think I made it worse, I’m still working on recovering data but at this time it looks like I lost A LOT of data.

Right now if I was asked what my plan was, I would say I give up, I would just sell my new server(that I loved until friday). Go back to my old server and just get stuff I want.. But that is just right now, that may change as I have already been working on back up plans if all data is lost.

I will post here as I know more. But there is no ETA at this time.

update weekend

This weekending check list for server server updates:

  • Build a fan mount for my server(ran out of time)
  • Mount 2 small internal fans on raid card & expander card(my plan failed)
  • Mount server is server rails(they broke)
  • Relocate network switch in rack
  • Rewire Network(working on it)

This will mean during the day this weekend(04/11/2020-04/12/2020) There will be server outages. Saturday will be the longest as I have to.

  • Mark and remove all drives
  • Correctly rout and secure all wiring
  • Re-order parts of my rack.
  • Remount server
  • Re-install drives
    • Drives
  • Get back online

Sunday the outages will be smaller but may happen as I’m rewiring my full home network and if I do not like were a wire to the server routed I will just re run it. But these outages should be small.

I will be posting here when know large outages are coming so you know before hand.

my server is ‘down’

So my server is down, I tried to install software to make raid management easier but it broke to may things for me to get it back tonight. I’m going to start on the fix tomorrow. But right now it’s down.

Plex should be a fast install but everything else will be slower. I have back ups of everything but that means moving a lot of data from place to place.

Count Down Till Vegas!

-1991Days -13Hours -20Minutes -29Seconds

Data Roll Back


So after a large meta-data update on shows, & movies. The machine that manages that data downloads had a small roll back. This caused  a problem with the time stamp and owner. Making many of the file not match the management machine. There is really to much data to get threw for me to do it manually. So now the Raspberry Pi 3 is working on checking the files, and making sure everything is working right. This looks like it will take 3 days to be 100% back to working like it should.

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So here is the deal. The cost of running my server has really gone up. Comcast upped it’s rates, I have to pay $50.00 a month for unlimited data. I enjoy the programing, having a massive raid, and I heard chicks dig guys with massive raids. I’m not going to beg anyone for money. But if since it’s tax season really made me look at what I spent. It would be awesome if anyone donated to the expense of hosting and streaming all this would be great! I’m not going to take down the server or anything if no one donates so do not worry.

Plex Settings

Hello Everyone,

Due to the over whelming demand of Plex media server I have switched the system to secure connections only this should not effect most people but if it does effect you let me know. I know right now that this does not work with Plex Android App and chrome-cast  but it does work with google chrome with chrome-cast. I’m going to work on some other things for my Plex server when I get some free time to speed up the system and streaming and peak times. Since I have started using plex most and more I’m also going to get a Plex Pass next time they have a good sale on it. This will enable users to sync content to watch later, and a few other things for the user end.

One Machine Down!

The Machine that downloads items for my server is down for a bit. I was updating it and it crashed. Now it will not go into recovery mode or anything on boot it just brings up NOOBS I do not want to loose the data and settings on it. I’m going to build a new image since I need to larger SD card for the system anyways but. I’m not going to start on that until tomorrow at the earliest.

Users Bans incoming!

If you have an account no my server and are sharing your log in soon you will be banned. I have not 100% worked out how the ban will work or what it will take to return your account. Right now it looks as if I will de-activate your account and then ban your IP/IP’s from my server. Then you will have to get a hold of me and most likely donate to get your account back. I have not worked out everything but in the next week or so I’m going to start limiting user log ins to 1 IP per account, after that the bans will start.