Users Bans incoming!

If you have an account no my server and are sharing your log in soon you will be banned. I have not 100% worked out how the ban will work or what it will take to return your account. Right now it looks as if I will de-activate your account and then ban your IP/IP’s from my server. Then you will have to get a hold of me and most likely donate to get your account back. I have not worked out everything but in the next week or so I’m going to start limiting user log ins to 1 IP per account, after that the bans will start.

One thought on “Users Bans incoming!”

  1. User Limits start tonight. My server will only allow 1 IP at a time per user account and the 2nd log in will not kick the first. The log in limit per user has not changed. My server now only allows the user to come from 1 unique IP at a time. So if you are sharing your account you better hope you log in before the person you are sharing with! Bans for any users doing this are coming soon too.

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