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New Server Check List

So most of my server parts are here and soon the rest will be on the way. Most people will not see many changes till I move my FTP server. Below is a check list of what needs to be done when all the parts get here.

  • Move Apache Server
  • Move MYSQL server
  • Move Raid Card and Hard Drives
  • Move FTP server to a low power machine
  • Install personal server items for my home
  • Office Space my old machine
  • Build a new user database for https and ftps users with password reset and shared log ins
  • Build a new AWESOME server rack
  • Get a new rack mount UPS
  • Build a new pfsense

All of this does cost a lot so if you want to donate that would be great.

Working on getting a new server.

My server is finally coming to the end of it’s life(5 years running). I have been shopping around and I think I can build one for about $600.00 – $800.00. If I can use my raid card again. If that does not work in the new system I’m looking about about $1000.00+ I have never done this in my time of hosting for everyone but If anyone wants to donate to my server fund that would rock!!!!

The new server will mean faster streaming for everyone, More storage, And some new cool things down the line when I get time. The button is below if you have time and money to donate that would help off set the cost of updating, power and internet.

Thank You,
Jason Simonds

The First Post

I’m going to try to upated this more then I did my site before. I’m going to make the moved over late tonight. But this will be my new site starting about 11:59pm 05/22/2015 I need to work on the theme and lay out. Maybe some cool plug-ins and other things this is really my first time working with WordPress so I have a bit to learn.


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