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It’s Back

Ok so I guess I did not set up the raid management software when I installed my raid.  A hard drive died but I had a drive sitting there to expand the raid. I installed the new drive and the rebuild started. Of course the load on the drives when rebuilding is super hard and 2 more drives failed. I have a back up, but it’s 3 weeks back and will take some time to get everything back. But I will be using the back up for some time since 2 more drives is a bit of money.

Finally it’s all fixed!!!

I thought it would take way less time to get everything working again. But everything seams fixed!!! Anyone that has signed up before this post needs to do it again, It was not working before and it was not checking that part that was not working. You can sign up again Here. I’m working on getting DataBase replication working soon so this can not happen again. But that’s  a project for next weekend.

And now I will get a email when you get sign up so user approval will be faster!

I see a lot of users still using there old log in. These do not work, and if you keep trying to use them I will have no choice but to ban you. I server does ban after 10 tries but once the ban is up they just try again.

Sorry for all the trouble, But soon the Office Spacing my old server and Building a new enclosed server rack will make up for all this.

The next thing will be getting a Pfsense box since my router is dying, well maybe not dying just being a BITCH. These problems would not really be a problem for most but right now it just decides not to forward ports to static IP’s , and QoS is being a ASS too.

F’ Computer, And Stuff

So this weekend sucked *ss, I got my server up and running and then my router decided to not forward static ports. I had to reset the router. It now has no QoS, Guest Network, Open Network, Remote Access. But streaming is working but all users log ins have been lost and need to be re-done Here. The page will not check that the remote server is up. I did not add that before some if anyone signed up this weekend it may not have worked. I have not decided what to do about the router issue, I need to go back to pfsense I think to keep everything working but that will cost at a lot. So for now I will just try to keep what I have working. I do have a spare Machine though Maybe I can install pfsense on that.. But we will see.

Getting there!!!

Well after my  big fuck up I’m starting to move in the right direction on getting things working again all user log ins were lost. Everyone has to sign up again. Right now streaming is not 100%  I do not think having the user database on another machine is the best but it does work for now.  So if you want to sign up again you can. I will make sure not to loose them again.. Since I did keep the last ones for over 5 years.

Plex is being a dick. It always picks the nic with out inter net to try to connect.  but that fix will come soon enough.

I messed up really bad!!!

I crashed mysql and thought I had it backed up but the back up failed. I have lost all new user log in, and had a massive roll back to before I moved servers. This weekend I will be working to get it all back but all users will have to sign up again. There is no chance of geting this working before this weekend.. But as soon as I can I will spam facebook and what not to get everyone signed up again..


New Server Check List

So most of my server parts are here and soon the rest will be on the way. Most people will not see many changes till I move my FTP server. Below is a check list of what needs to be done when all the parts get here.

  • Move Apache Server
  • Move MYSQL server
  • Move Raid Card and Hard Drives
  • Move FTP server to a low power machine
  • Install personal server items for my home
  • Office Space my old machine
  • Build a new user database for https and ftps users with password reset and shared log ins
  • Build a new AWESOME server rack
  • Get a new rack mount UPS
  • Build a new pfsense

All of this does cost a lot so if you want to donate that would be great.

Working on getting a new server.

My server is finally coming to the end of it’s life(5 years running). I have been shopping around and I think I can build one for about $600.00 – $800.00. If I can use my raid card again. If that does not work in the new system I’m looking about about $1000.00+ I have never done this in my time of hosting for everyone but If anyone wants to donate to my server fund that would rock!!!!

The new server will mean faster streaming for everyone, More storage, And some new cool things down the line when I get time. The button is below if you have time and money to donate that would help off set the cost of updating, power and internet.

Thank You,
Jason Simonds