Working on some updates!

Right now I’m looking to update my server. But it costs a lot since I need a new case, power supply, ssd, ram and mother board. The case I have is 100% full+. I’m still debating if I should get a new raid card and if I do get a new card what card to get since I need a 8 port card that can expand to 16 port.

I moved my show posting to a page you need to sing up to see. I will not spam you with anything just you can see the shows and all the episodes I have this will take some time to get working better but when it’s done it should work good.

Starting this season all shows will be in 720p the site I use is a bit slow but it’s working good. For now the shows will be downloaded in .mkv then converted to .mp4 this is a bit slow since the computer they are being converted on is older. I was going to buy a slim PC to replace that machine but now I’m looking to get a more powerful pc to speed that up but that is after the server update.

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  1. So I’m working on cleaning up the show downloads. But this means a bit more work. I do have a newer machine to handle the downloads and conversion of shows. But I’m having trouble with the final step of renaming but I should have that fixed soon.

  2. I have not had time to start on the my newer machine for downloads and conversions. But on days with a lot of shows I’m still having server stability issues. It does look like i need a new server, But I’m still not sure if I need new raid card but if i do that will hurt because at means a lot more money and time.

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