Server Down!!!



As of about 7:00pm pst today 07/31/2015 my streaming server has been down. I’m working on the repair now. I have the new router in hand but there is a bit of work to get it up and running. I bought the router a bit ago to move over to it. I did not know my current ‘router’ was going to fail.

I will comment on this post when I have it up and running. It should not be to long. I’m going to get the stuff for the streaming server set up and move over to the new router.

Sorry about this.

Jason Simonds

The First Post

I’m going to try to upated this more then I did my site before. I’m going to make the moved over late tonight. But this will be my new site starting about 11:59pm 05/22/2015 I need to work on the theme and lay out. Maybe some cool plug-ins and other things this is really my first time working with WordPress so I have a bit to learn.


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